Emotional self-harm – what is it and how can it be prevented?

Emotional self-harm - what is it and how can it be prevented?Emotional self-harm – what is it and how can it be prevented? 5 minutes It is easy to hurt yourself emotionally. One of the many forms of emotional self-harm is when you neglect yourself on a daily basis, giving priority to others. This is when you always find yourself in the same unhealthy conditions, don’t know how to set boundaries, and neglect the handsome person who looks at you in the mirror.

When you hear the phrase” self-harm, “you are probably thinking of people who physically harm themselves. And today, this type of deliberate self-harm is becoming more common as a (dramatic) way of expressing anger, suffering, and frustration. But as shocking as it sounds, there is something even more prevalent that we hardly talk about. We are referring to emotional self-harm.

We know that words can hurt just as much, if not more, physical blows. You can easily identify with the emotional pain that comes from the outside. Because you probably experienced pain when people showed you contempt, mistreated you, yelled at you, or cheated on you.

But do you have any thoughts about the pain you are causing yourself? Is there really “emotional self-harm”? The answer is simple and clear. Yes, it is, and it is very common. You probably do this yourself often without even knowing it. And these wounds can have very serious consequences.

They can damage your self-esteem and damage your dignity. This, in turn, can cause anxiety and anxiety. Over time, the wounds become infected and this can lead to depression. Let’s take a deeper look at this.

Emotional self-harm consists of thoughts, behavior and attitudes that work against you and clearly negatively affect your emotional well-being. When you realize how much this behavior actually hurts you, you will have to think about these “wounds”.

Of course, we are all worried about the various types of self-harm that many teenagers inflict on themselves with knives and other weapons. However, there is another aspect that we often overlook. </ p>

Emotional self-harming behavior includes many destructive moods. If a teenager or anyone else inflicts emotional trauma on themselves every day, it can cause serious problems.

Below you can read about the different ways you can hurt yourself emotionally.

Continuous inner criticism

All people who torture and offend them emotionally have an inner voice. This voice is trying to tell you that you are not very good at certain things. It fills you with insecurity, reminds you of past mistakes, and overwhelms your potential.

And you shouldn’t doubt that you are lying behind this inner voice. You are torturing yourself. In addition, you amplify your voice through your negative self-talk, your irrational ideas, your absurd fears and thoughts that arise from your low self-esteem. It is this inner critic who is responsible for many of your emotional wounds.

Repeated emotional self-harm

Often your behavior, your attitude and your thoughts are repeated. You tend to think about the same things over and over again. How does this relate to emotional self-harming behavior? The answer to this question is very familiar. As humans, we often tend to look for the same type of emotional partner: someone who is narcissistic, who abuses us and makes us dependent on them.

It’s like stumbling over the same rock over and over again without learning to recognize and avoid it. Situations like this are frustrating and distressing. Not only do you feel the pain of a harmful relationship, but you also blame yourself for falling in love with the same person over and over again.

When you don’t bet you become a rag that everyone steps on

Many people a big heart and an endless ability to be kind to others. There seems to be no limit to their kindness. However, they do nothing to protect themselves.

This is dangerous. It is admirable to be a noble person who is always ready to help and do his best for others. But if you don’t protect yourself from the abuse that can happen, and don’t know how to say no when necessary, it can lead to emotional trauma.

Many people take advantage of the kindness of others and use them as rags that they can step on when they feel comfortable. Therefore, you should do your best to prevent people from doing this, because it can do a lot of damage to your self-esteem.

Life without passion and motivation

Life is not only work and routine. And you don’t always need to be like others, no matter how much you love them. To truly live, we need enthusiasm, projects to be completed, hope and excitement. You must be able to do what you love and spend time with yourself, as you can experience what inspires you and makes you grow.

If you don’t have any of these ingredients in your life, you will disconnect emotionally. Excitement is lacking in everyday life, and hope will lead to small inner wounds that no one can see. But your hope and your dreams seep through these wounds, as does your soul.

You must find a delicate balance between commitment and pleasure, between work and dreams, and between your partner and you.

To summarize, we can state that most of us have many emotional wounds within us, but it is never too late to heal them. Making the habit of taking time for yourself to build up your self-esteem and take care of yourself will help you heal pain and make you a braver and stronger person who is more willing to work hard for your own happiness.

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Some people sometimes think that self-harm is the only way to cope with problems. Here’s how to get out of this vicious circle.

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