Erich Fromm and what the human condition needs

Erich Fromm and what the human condition needsErich Fromm and what the human condition needs 4 minutes The human condition, according to Erich Fromm, requires large doses of humility and love. In a society as shallow as ours, selfishness is the enemy of happiness, harmony, and respect.

According to Erich Fromm, human conditions need to be changed. Notable for Erich Fromm was his interrogation of Sigmund Freud. Reformulating the concept of freedom, Fromm worked hard to prove what can be observed in modern society: humanity loses his happiness.

Erich Fromm shares many timeless and revolutionary ideas in his 1978 book To Have or To Be. -what interesting: people believe that those who do not have, they do not exist. The human condition should always surpass such materialistic ideas. To enrich your life and realize yourself as a person, you need to become a person.

More than 30 years have passed since the world lost E Riha Fromm. But his thoughts, ideas and legacy live on. Humanity needs change. Humanity should be able to work for real freedom, when we stop comparing ourselves with others on the basis of our material values ​​and begin to value ourselves for who we really are.

“The main condition for achieving love is overcoming narcissism. The narcissistic attitude is what a person perceives as real only what exists inside him itself, while the phenomena of the external world do not have reality in themselves, but are experienced only from the point of view that they are useful or dangerous for humans. ”

– Erich Fromm-

What the human condition needs, according to Erich Fromm

According to Erich Fromm, the human condition needs several things. To understand his attitude and point of view, one must remember that his philosophy was based on an almost radical humanism. What does this mean? the cholog was trying to give people back their freedom.

Everyone has a burden. The current industrial, social and political structure puts people in their own prisons. This prevents a person from getting out of his shell. You lose the ability to choose, to think. Some people lose free will.

You can limit your happiness in many ways. The first is when you choose conflict and violence over peace. Then you allow your instincts to completely control your emotions and mind. The main path is to deny yourself the love you deserve.

In his book The Destroyer Man: A Psychological Analysis of Life Lost his Way (1976), Fromm expresses concern about the current state of humanity. He believes that it is necessary to create a new mental box, new possible settings to truly reflect and create change.

Let’s see why the human condition requires investing in its health and freedom.

Be Spontaneous

Escape From Freedom (1945) was challenging and inspiring. Many people place too much emphasis on rational thinking, he said. This is because humans themselves are the perfect combination of emotion and reason, instinct and self-control.

This way you have to be more spontaneous when it comes to expressing your true personality. This is how you break free. Let your essence free itself to free itself from the conventions of society.

“Creativity takes courage to let go of the obvious.”

– Erich Fromm-

The human condition requires more solidarity

In his book Possession or Being, Fromm offers some ideas that he believes are the key to keeping humanity afloat. He had to not only survive the Second World War, but also to witness the Cold War and the arms race, which caused great concern in the world. The present is different, but the essence remains the same. His sentences in Presence or Being are still relevant and inspiring.

  • Support each other. Love and respect life in all its forms.
  • Joy is also giving, not just receiving. Share with pleasure, not just take and save things.
  • Don’t be greedy or deceitful.

Overcome your malignant narcissism

According to Erich Fromm, the human condition needs to overcome its narcissism. This is a recurring theme in his work. Thus, he introduced a new term worth remembering: malignant narcissism. For him, a constant striving for self-satisfaction, selfishness is the root of all evil.

People should cherish humility and mutual respect. and yourself, but in a healthier, loving and harmonious way. Narcissism is the worst of all evils and you need to avoid it at all costs. Ignorance and condescension are not what you need to keep.

In short, Erich Fromm’s work is still relevant and relevant. Returning to his work is an invitation to reflect on life and all that humanity needs to work on.

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