Neuralink, a chip that connects people to machines.

Neuralink, a chip that connects people to machines.Neuralink interface, a chip that connects people to a car in 6 minutes. Implanting a chip in the brain is a daunting idea for many, but many see Neuralink as the interface of the future that could improve the lives of many people. The alliance between the human brain and the computer may soon become a reality.

Elon Musk is an entrepreneur who is both admired and controversial. Some call him King Midas, while others call him Nikola Tesla (because of his electric car brand). In any case, he seems determined to advance the technology of the future. In fact, his latest creation – the Neuralink interface, the computer chip that connects the brain to the computer – is proof of this.

It is very likely that many, reading the headlines of this news, have already thought about what something like this could mean in the long term. This chip, which is about the size of a coin, can easily store a large amount of information. It can help you learn a new language simply by downloading it from the app. In essence, this will give the brain a lot more potential. After all, we’ve already read about it in futuristic novels, notably Isaac Asimov, Arthur K. Clarke, and Philip K. Dick.

The presented prototype has simple ambitions (at least for now). Today, researchers mainly conduct tests on animals. In fact, the implanted chip only records the brain activity of a group of pigs, including Gertrude’s young pig.

In short, the term aims to guide technological advances for medical purposes, such as stopping epileptic seizures and improving the quality of life of patients with spinal cord injuries.

The ultimate goal of Neuralink is to achieve absolute symbiosis with artificial intelligence. That is, the dream for which Elon Musk created this neurotechnology company specializing in the development of brain-computer interfaces in 2016. This whole topic can it is easy to evoke a strange feeling somewhere between excitement, curiosity, hope and fear.

Perspectives to be learned from this technology that clearly blends human life with machines imply almost revolutionary changes in human life. This is more than the fusion of technology with the body and, in particular, with the brain. This in itself opens a Pandora’s box for thinking about ethical and social issues. </ p >

“ Technology is usually pretty neutral. It’s like a hammer that you can use to build a house or destroy someone’s house. The hammer doesn’t care. It’s almost always up to us to decide whether the technology is good or bad. “

– Noam Chomsky-

What is the Neuralink interface?

The Neuralink interface is a technology that has been in development for four years. In 2019, a study was conducted to implant a small device in the brain of a mouse. Then, on 28 August 2020, the second generation was introduced. It is a coin-sized device that is directly implanted into the pig’s skull.

  • First, the device or interface is about 8 mm in diameter and contains a small sensor.
  • In addition, the probe has about 3000 flexible electrodes, as thin as hairs. They can control the activity of 1000 neurons. The implant is placed under local anesthesia. The test subjects, in this case Gertrude and two other pigs, can then return to normal without even knowing they are wearing the device (or at least the researchers mean it).
  • The tech equipment also has a Bluetooth connection so you can connect it to an external computer. What is the purpose of this? So far, Elon Musk has presented only recordings of animal brain waves and how machines collect and process data.
  • Finally, Neuralink’s next step is to treat spinal and neurological conditions such as paralysis. , brain damage and depression.

Elon Musk notes that the problems mentioned are nothing more than changes in the nervous system. He believes that complex connections can be solved using a Neuralink implant connected to a computer.

Goals for the future: superhuman cognition

One of Neuralink’s ambitions is to achieve superhuman cognition. But what does this mean and what are the consequences? Elon Musk first of all strives to ensure that cars serve people, and not vice versa. The goal is to have artificial intelligence close at hand, but still be able to control it forever.

In the future, the human brain through this technological development, to receive great benefits and potential. But, above all, it was possible to maintain health. Diseases such as Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other neurodegenerative conditions will cease to exist as memory and other cognitive functions are retained.

There are some simpler devices that use a symbiosis between the brain and machines. For example, there are machines that record brain activity, such as an electroencephalogram (EEG). Similarly, DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) has created a surgical microchip that allows paralyzed people to fly a simulated aircraft.

Neuralink means you take it one step further by the continuous exchange of information between your computer and your brain. It is about letting go of the lame again and restoring body functions. A person with depression may also receive other types of mental stimuli to gradually improve their state of mind.

This will take time. Elon Musk told the world that his company will begin human testing of Neuralink in 2020. However, this is not yet possible as the interface implant still needs to be improved. The goal is to further optimize the robot performing the procedures so that it can do it quickly, accurately and under local anesthesia. The procedure is designed to be completed in less than an hour and the device should not be visible. In other words, the person will not feel anything during the procedure.

Potential target with serious ethical issues

This will allow a person to restore them, for example, in case of illness or accident. But what happens if another person gains access to your personal memory bank that you keep on your computer? In addition, the computer can erase traumatic experiences to improve your psychological balance. Would it be legal? What about piracy?

All these are formulas and questions to which there are no answers yet, but society should sort them out as soon as possible. This is due to the fact that development is constantly moving forward, and we must be prepared for significant changes.

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