Some neighbors are worse than a toothache

Some neighbors are worse than a toothache

Bad neighbors are a nightmare that no one wants to experience. With the rise in popularity of rented apartments, condos and other shared residential areas, the problems of neighbors are also on the rise. This is a big problem – some of the neighbors have gone so far as to kill.

Some situations are nothing more than merciless war. There are many possible sources of such conflicts: a common moldy wall, too loud music, annoying animals … Anything can lead to a confrontation that no one knows how to resolve.

Cases of harassment between neighbors have become so common that psychology has developed a term for this – “blocking”. The meaning is similar to bullying – aggression, coercion and internal intolerance.

“Don’t complain about snow on your neighbor’s roof when your own stairs are dirty. “

– Confucius-

Conflict between neighbors

Any little thing can provoke conflict between neighbors and grow into something big. This is usually a power struggle. Both sides believe that they have the right to impose their way of thinking on the other side. None of them are going to compromise – they want to win at any cost.

In many apartments and residential areas, people are curious. and I like to gossip. Groups behave a bit like parties. Gossip and rumors abound and multiply. “Say and so always ask for alcohol, who knows what kind of person he is”, “I see you-know-who with a new woman every night”. Obviously, people think that the fact that they live in the same building gives them the right to spy on people’s lives.

This is a very small step from gossip to conflict. Often, some neighbors cannot agree to accuse each other of harm, destruction, or theft. Finally, a common factor is distrust and suspicion. Forget that the neighbor should be something between an acquaintance and a friend, someone from whom you can expect solidarity. Forget that problems between neighbors can be resolved without declaring war.

Privacy in shared areas

Almost no one is lucky enough to choose their neighbors. They come and go by accident. Undoubtedly, most of the neighbors have something in common (they live in the same house, belong to the same social class, have similar habits). However, some neighbors are not happy to see others in the distance. They want to get into their lives and tell them how to live. Some people simply cannot tolerate other people’s lifestyles.

If someone pulls at full volume at 2 o “The clock in the morning, of course, will disturb the neighbors … But forbidding someone from hammering a nail so that they can hang a picture on the wall in the middle of the day in their own home is illogical. It is impossible to silence him, and even if it is annoying, it is not serious enough to lead to war. There is no reason for disagreement to end with poisoning or garbage dumping on someone’s steps.

Even if it seems incredible, it happens in several places where people share space. This is not the same as before, when almost everyone lived in houses and it was not so easy to disturb people. Nowadays, it is not uncommon for a quarrel to have an audience on the other side of the wall. Thus, the line between public and private is no longer so clear.

Respect and communication

It easily seems that other people’s eyes, ears, have invaded your home. and documents. This is annoying. But at the same time, most of us want to live and do what we want in our home without being judged by others. It’s just harder these days, and in some cases almost impossible.

This is definitely a situation that creates friction that can lead to conflict. In any case, before your situation turns into real hell, it is best to start an honest and mature dialogue, because only they can prevent the escalation of the situation. Either way, it’s best to try to piece it all together before declaring war or moving to another location.

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