The series “Love on the Spectrum” – the beginning and development

The series Series “Love on the Spectrum” – the beginning and development of 5 minutes The series “Love on the Spectrum” is devoted to a topic that not many people want to pretend to be. This is an interesting series on Netflix that offers us the opportunity to learn more about autism and love.

Love is one of the most common themes in art. In short, we can say that every human form of expression has its own little space. However, its characteristics are rarely analyzed in terms of the situation of minority groups. However, this is the topic of a new series on autism. Recently on Netflix the premiere of the series “Love on the Spectrum” took place. In this article, we will tell you more about this.

Autism spectrum disorder includes a number of disorders characterized by a lack of communication skills. and sympathy.

With today’s screening tools, healthcare providers can detect this type of disorder at an early age. This is an advantage because they can start treatment earlier and get better results. The fact that symptoms are already present in childhood makes this condition a developmental disorder.

When it comes to fiction, Sheldon Cooper may be one of the most characteristic autistic characters. The viewer becomes a witness to others who experience his social difficulties in almost every episode of the series. You can see how his friends often struggle to understand his particular way of expressing their thoughts. This can be a good starting point for trying to anticipate some of the details in Love on the Spectrum.

“If you’ve met someone with autism, you’ve met someone with autism.”

– Stephen Shore-

The first hit from the Love on the Spectrum series

The first myth that the series debunks and emphasizes is that people with autism spectrum disorder do not want to communicate. Yes, they like to practice alone, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want to get involved with others. And that definitely doesn’t mean they don’t want to fall in love. They want to share their life with someone else and even achieve an intimate relationship.

However, getting others to pay attention to this urge may be the first challenge autistic people must overcome. In other words, there is a place for love in the way they understand attachment. In fact, we can witness the story of two couples who have already taken a step towards living together during the series. In their own words, this is not an easy path.

However, the show is dominated by the expectations of some people with autism about what it means to date. They are very familiar with shyness and insecurity, as they are not much different from people who do not have autism. Then you can become an observer of how this first meeting is going and what difficulties they face.


At certain points in the reality show Love on the Spectrum, we may part of some of the sessions where people with this condition prepare to meet.

The greeting is the first thing to work with. They explain how you greet the other person, which most people internalize in one way or another. That is, stand up, and also look in the eyes during the first exchanges. This point is important for the rest of the meeting.

Another skill they tend to find difficult is how to keep up a conversation. To do this, they are asked to make a list of topics and questions that they want to ask.

Then it’s time to take it all to a higher level. This is achieved by transforming the conversation from mere listening into a real conversation that involves both parties. The risk is not high enough to scare the other person. Thus, they work with strategies to move from a particular problem to a whole topic, either that way, or to new questions arising from an unplanned response.

In all cases, professionals try to make the participants understand that the meeting and conversation is flexible. This flexibility means that they should not be too direct and not ask personal questions. They explain to them that this happens later, on a different level of intimacy. which they have not yet reached. As a viewer, you will also see h it is especially difficult for them.

Thus, experts are trying to convey to them the idea that they will definitely pass on to all people on their first date. The point is, you have to be willing to learn something in order to have an interesting conversation. In other words, this is why it is important for people with autism to date people who not only share their interests, but also strangers with whom they must find common ground at first contact.

Final thoughts

The series is worth watching. The very existence of such a bold project is worth your time. In addition, sincerity is one of his strengths. This shows that it is possible to be autistic and have a romantic relationship at the same time, even if it is not an easy goal.

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People with autism make up about 1% of the population. Adults with autism need psychological assistance to improve their quality of life.

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