To love is to give a book

To love is to give a bookTo love is to give a book 6 minutes To give out books is love. Therefore, if you love a person, give him a book. Because it is a gesture that offers a whole universe of emotions, stories, knowledge – as well as freedom. Choosing the right name for a special person also contributes to creating an illusion.

Giving out a book is an act of love. If you have a friend you value from the bottom of your heart, show it. Just pick a book and send it to them. Think about how a novel, essay, self-help guide, cookbook, or storybook is all a universe of knowledge. Books can enrich a person’s life and make them feel more free.

Every year, April 23rd, except during Easter weekend, is World Book Day. You may not know this, but this holiday is quite rich and varied. This is not only the coordination of events, but also a good opportunity to get closer to your favorite authors and reflect on their work. It is also a reminder of the rightfully noble work of a bookseller.

A world without books would be a sad world. It’s like getting lost in an empty palace and not having doors leading to a universe of learning, adventure, and discovery.

It’s always good to think about these values. As always, it is also wise to discover new writers and open up to other genres in order to better understand the never-ending literary melting pot.

“A book is more than a verbal structure or a series of verbal structures; it is the dialogue that he establishes with his reader, and the intonation that he imposes on his voice, and the changing and stable images that he leaves in his memory. A book is not an isolated entity: it is a relationship, an axis with countless connections. “

To love is to give a book

There are bad books and memorable books. There are also books that are just good for the moment and others that will change your life forever. Some help you open up new perspectives, others keep you in action, and still others please you despite the fear and fear they create.

Some people think that nothing contradicts the reading that took place in childhood and adolescence. These are the moments when certain books have changed your life and also opened your mind to new hobbies, new learning, and new hobbies.

For example, you can start by reading the works of Jules Verne and Arthur Conan Doyle and reach maturity by absorbing everything in terms of genres, times and authors …

You can love classics like Chekhov, or re-read Thomas Mann Bergtagen, or discover novelties by Joel Dicker or Ian McEwan. Most important, however, is the pleasure of immersing yourself in the sea of ​​letters and letting go.

A student tells CS Lewis in Shadowland, which people read so they don’t feel lonely. This may or may not be true, but publishers want people to read more than anything, and the more they do, the better.

However, bibliophiles don’t make the bookstore their second home just for the pleasure of reading. The real value of books is that they give us the ability to think.

Handing out the book is an act of love. For these items, this is more than just a binder with a stack of sheets of paper. Knowledge is written in them. Each page contains many different thoughts and reflections. If it’s a romance, you can spend limited but often memorable time with the characters and their intertwined emotions.

In general, you don’t just randomly choose a book that you want to donate to someone. In fact, many people have an unshakable habit of choosing books that have sharpened themselves at some point.

That’s why you want this person to receive your gift so you must feel what you felt when you read this. You look forward to sharing your experiences and traveling together to the same places as in the book’s plot.

Your partner, your friend, your colleague and your children … give them books!

There are books that show you how to understand the world and books that can teach and help you. There are those who entertain, and there are those who change your life forever. If there is someone who, like you, is a bibliophile, donate a book to him or her. Pass out the last book that fascinated you and that you will never forget.

If you have a friend, family member, or colleague who would rather watch movies than read the books on which they are based, do not Give up. Give the book back anyway! However, you should choose it well. Study their tastes and surprise them with the book you think will grab their attention.

And the same if you have a nephew or friends with children; feel free to donate the book to this boy or girl, no matter how old they are.

To love is to give one Book. You provide the recipient with a service by providing him with the key to travel, discovery, freedom and high flight. When you discover the pleasure of reading as a child, it stays with you for life. It’s like a magic potion without an antidote, but with palliative care: reading regularly, and the more the more fun!

As Thomas Carlisle once said So sooner or later you will find that books are friends who rarely fail. Behold them, surround yourself with them, and never stop handing them out like candy.

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