Why you need to look for the purpose of your life

Why you need to look for the purpose of your lifeWhy you need to find the purpose of your life 6 minutes Today, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow. We hope you never miss a moment in moving forward by setting goals for the future, keeping your priorities in mind, and having clear goals that give you real hope.

In your heart and mind, you should always have a goal that makes you move on. Knowing your purpose in life is what gives you a reason to get out of bed in the morning. It gives you the energy and motivation to believe that the day ahead will be better than yesterday. It gives your life the meaning you need to live in it. When it comes to mental health and personal development, there are several things as important as finding a purpose in life.

When you talk to people who have mood swings, or even those who have mental disorders, then it really becomes obvious … Many people simply declare that they have no goals at all. Their lives seem to be floating in a complete vacuum, without hope and in a meaningless everyday existence.

Some also practice hobbies without having fun. their. Others may have partners, friends, and family, but they still just feel empty.

This is a destructive condition that requires caution and often a long stay. term, a psychotherapeutic process for the person in question to rediscover their powers. The person must also reformulate their thoughts and find emotional balance in order to rebuild their life and set new goals for the future.

Here we have to point out that it’s perfectly okay to go through periods when you have to redefine your goals. We all go through certain transitional periods when we need to see reality in a white eye and reconsider our inner desires, thoughts and feelings.

When we end a relationship, lose or quit our job, and even when we face adversity, we are forced to define different aspects of our lives.

But this is positive. Man is an ongoing story, a unique story that is constantly being edited. As long as there is ink in the pen to indicate these goals, there is always hope.

The purpose of your life is to move on, the cornerstone of mental well-being

In 2016, Harvard University launched a research project that aimed to provide a deeper understanding of how people can thrive. We can view this as something that goes beyond our own well-being. First of all, it is the ability to overcome difficulties and become persistent. Use psychological strategies that allow you to cope with all life situations and achieve happiness.

This research project has been going on for several years. years, and it is already clear that one of the main factors in achieving these goals is the need to work with them.

This discovery The meaning of our life, as Viktor Frankl would say, directly affects our mental health. This is supported by additional research, such as a study published in the American Journal of Epidemiology in 2019.

According to this study, led by Yin Chen and Eric Kim, its goal is to have a direct impact on our physical health, psychological balance, self-esteem and emotional processing. These goals and the value that each places on human existence act as inner support that removes burdens, filters out fear, and restores balance and hope.

What does it mean to have a goal?

So now that you know how important it is to have a goal to improve your quality of life, this brings us to the next question: what is really does it mean to have a purpose?

First, we must understand that a goal is not just a goal. This is, for example, about not wanting to have a bigger house. And it’s not about getting a better job. It’s also not about reaching your ideal weight or going to the gym regularly.

It’s much more than that. Finding a purpose in your life is not only about desire. It cheers you up, helps you find your place in life and gives goals to strive for, gives hope in your heart and energy that will motivate you.

Psychologist Mihai Csikszentmihalyi explains in his book Flow: The Psychology of Optimal Experience that having a goal means having a certain intention in the mind that leads to something meaningful for himself, to something that goes beyond his own. human.

An example of this might be helping others to some extent. Another example is creating something that inspires others: books, songs, or works of art. It can be something that is related to the study of something or the acquisition of deeper knowledge in a particular subject or area. Another good goal is to bring joy to your family or to take care of those you love.

Always shop for a specific purpose

Mark Twain described the two most important days in our life that he considered. The first is when we are born. The second is when we finally discover the meaning of our life, the meaning that determines the purpose of our existence.

As you well know, it is not always easy. It’s not easy to know what really makes your heart burn, what makes it beat.

But over time this will increase for you. Then you will feel your passion and your meaning. It is important that you identify them and that you always have a purpose as you move forward. Why? Because when you have purpose, passion and meaning in life, it can really help you through tough times. In the middle of a storm, you can see opportunities open up. It gives you the optimism you need to overcome difficulties with hope in your heart.

On the other hand, as we have already indicated, these intentions to move forward can change at any time. Being 20 is not the same as being 60. Both mentally and professionally, you are not the same person when you finish one chapter as when you start another. New needs, new feelings and new goals suddenly appear on the horizon, and they provide new hope.

Let’s not forget them! You, too, carry an inner flame that can fuel all your dreams and follow you along the path you choose. Keep him alive!

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The meaning of life refers to the meaning that every person gives to his lifestyle, his intentions and goals. It depends on the person.

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