Are there people without feelings?

Are there people without feelings?Are there people without feelings? 5 minutes We’ve all met people at some point who lack empathy at all. But is it really possible? Are there people who cannot experience emotions?

Are there people without feelings? Many have asked this question more than once. You may ask yourself this question when you meet a heartless person who lacks empathy and emotional connection. The way they act makes you think they are heartless. Undoubtedly, this attitude can sometimes make you uncomfortable.

On the other hand, these types of profiles are also often associated with psychopathic personalities. It is very easy to believe that those who cannot understand the emotional reality of others have some kind of problem. This can make you think they have a tendency to harm others (physically or mentally).

There is something scary about this. … I think about it. Imagine a person who has no feelings at all, who cannot experience love, fear, sadness, shame, or happiness. To be honest, a person without feelings would just not be human, but rather a kind of complex robot equipped with artificial intelligence.

But also, if quite often you can hear someone say to another person that they have no feelings, it is important to remember that it is not true. Everyone has emotions, this is what makes us human. Now it’s another matter to be able to understand and express them correctly. And we will talk about this in this article.

If available Psychiatrists are good at reading other people’s feelings. Many people may feel angry, anger, disappointment or disappointed and still look completely indifferent. Everyone has their own personal desires and goals, and whether there are good or bad intentions behind them, there is always a feeling downstairs.

The starting point of this article is that there are practically no people without emotions. We all have emotions because psychophysiological states determine who we are. Emotions contribute to our learning, development, everyday interactions and almost everything that we are. These processes are present in every brain. But the fact that they are present does not mean that they always “work” correctly.

Let’s analyze it yes more.

Antisocial personalities: affective emptiness and instrumental emotions

When we wonder if there are people without feelings psychopaths usually come to mind. Currently, the term “psychopath” is rarely used. Instead, we call them people with antisocial personality disorder, a condition that affects about 1% of the population. Below are some characteristics of people with this disorder:

  • They are not capable of creating strong emotional bonds.
  • Motivation is instrumental. In other words, they are looking for new experiences and as a result, they get what they want.
  • Most people think antisocial people lack empathy, but they are not; however, there are nuances.
  • A study from Erasmus University in Rotterdam, The Netherlands showed that these people have cognitive empathy (they understand how the other is feeling). However, they lack affective empathy (they are not emotionally connected to each other).

    These people may say they love you, but they don’t show it at least not as expected. They are distant and cold. For the most part they lack humor and quickly get bored. In addition, they are quite quiet and lack the spark that ignites emotional connection with other people. people think that people with alexithymia are prime examples of people without feelings, but it is a mistake to assume this.

    The cause of alexithymia is an emotional learning disorder or Neurological Disorder However, it doesn’t really matter which of the two causes the disease, because the end result is the same These are people who cannot understand their own emotional state or the emotional state of others.

    However, they can love others and experience happiness, fear, longing, anxiety, and hope. But even if they have feelings, they experience them in a distorted way and as a result, they cannot express them normally.

    Are there really people without feelings?

    No – there are no people without emotions. The reality is that all people have the ability to experience emotions. Only those who lack the limbic system in the brain will be incapable. Let’s remember that it is this area that pretty much governs every major psychological process, every emotion and every impulse that makes you laugh, cry, worry, remember for a moment, or wish you could forget about it.

    Humans are naturally unreasonable. Rather, they are emotional and have the ability to reason. On the one hand, emotions are neurochemical and hormonal reactions that arise from a person’s life experience. On the other hand, emotions are mental representations of impulses and moods. Both of these processes are constant in all people. Think for yourself, you always have a feeling.

    All people feel, but not alike. In addition, not everyone uses emotion as a tool to foster coexistence or create enhancing relationships with others.

    This might interest you. I love people with alexithymia

    People with alexithymia can be very difficult have as a life partner, because one of their distinguishing characteristics is a lack of empathy.

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