Endless trench – 30 years underground

Endless trench - 30 years undergroundEndless Trench – 30 Years Underground 6 Minutes Endless Trench can create a completely different experience from what it would be if we were not currently forced to live for a limited time. Depending on how you are going through life at the moment, it can be difficult to imagine how some people can survive locked up in such an unfavorable environment for such a long time.

Endless Trench is an exciting journey through the Spanish Civil War and the so-called moles. Small groups of people appeared in various parts of Spain immediately after the government amnesty in 1969. After Franco came to power in 1936, they hid for over 30 years to avoid revenge, often in their own homes.

The film details some of the most surprising stories of this nightmare. He will reformulate the hidden history of the so-called mole and his wife. She suffers from her dire situation deeply and selflessly. This is a great story about love as a defense against fear.

In the film, much of its impact comes from the two characters and the location. This is also the responsibility of the team of Basque directors and producers behind films such as Loreac and The Giant of Altso. It’s an intense, almost completely emotional journey about fear of political oppression and human vulnerability, despair and resistance.

Much of the action takes place during the first 20 minutes of the film, with the camera following from the left. Winged political and shrewd Higinio (Antonio de la Torre). The character is arrested and then taken away with other prisoners in one of the cars of the Civil Guard. 

While one of the others who was Arrested asks one of the guards for his life, Iginio takes the chance to jump off the truck and escape. as he moves through the Andalusian countryside.

Luckily for him, he manages to ask Scamper into a deep and dark well all night with two other people who are also hiding from the police, who later shoot at them from above. Higinio is the one who manages to hide in one of the holes in the well. He then pushes the two dead bodies away, leaves them the next morning, and goes home.

His wife Rosa, a seamstress portrayed by Belén Cuesta, is waiting for him at home. From that moment on, in the silence and eternity of the clock, a deep psychological drama unfolds. Higinio sees no other way out but to hide under the floor and watch what is happening in his house from below, just like a mole. Then he becomes just a spectator in his own house, and from a rather inconvenient place.

“When I wrote about the Spanish, many years later I used documents that fell into my hands when I was a child, because many of them have not yet been published (there are many more resources available now). “

– Noam Chomsky-

Endless trench – excitement for the viewer

Despite the” mole “Life was probably pretty boring, the audience of this film will never be like this. The biggest threat and tension in the film comes from Gonzalo (Vicente Vergara), who betrayed Iginio to the authorities. He constantly threatens him and begins with joy to lower the curtains of Rosa so that he can see everything from where he is hiding.

Thanks to city officials During the Easter holidays, Higinio can move into his father-in-law’s house disguised as an elderly woman. There, he has much more opportunity to fully declare himself as a mole hiding from Franco’s police. He has a small bed, small bookshelves and a small table where Rosa can work.

In a tragicomic episode that gives you a respite from everything. drama, a gay couple decides to use Higinios’ father-in-law’s house for their dates. There they take advantage of Rosa’s absence for several months. When Higinio discovers them, they make a pact allowing them to use the house in exchange for bringing newspapers and some food.

Rose complemented

Rosa explains that she wants a baby – a demand that is difficult to believe under the circumstances. Her character is a faithful, devoted and selfless wife. In fact, her role is complex and multifaceted. She is much more than just a wife who helps Higinio in his hideout.

Suddenly she has to improve everything that has prepared her education. she is for., and must again become the main source of family income. Belen Cuesta perfectly conveys the fragility, strength and determination of the Rose over the years.

If there comes a turning point in Rose’s Life, these are sexual harassment and subsequent rape that she is experiencing by the Civil Guard. He is her buyer in the workshop. One day a conflict arises when Rose refuses to establish a definite contact with him. At the same time, Higinio, who sees everything from his hiding place, must restrain himself from being discovered.

Higinio becomes more and more frustrated as humiliation grows and reacts rather primitively to what is happening. He comes out of hiding to have sex with his wife in a rather uncomfortable scene bordering on rape.

When the Civil Guard returns, a few days later he attacks Rosa and Higinio is unable to stop him. This is because in this case he will turn over the lamp and burn his hideout. When he finally comes to the rescue, he has no choice but to kill the Civil Guard. Unfortunately for Higinio, he will always wonder if the biological father of his children is the Civil Guard or himself.

The role of the two protagonists gives the story a sense of reality. Higinio’s silence and traditional values ​​give it great importance.

Inevitable, that much of the action takes place in low light, often in contrast to the dazzling Andalusian sun. Much of this is due to uncertain visions of Iginio’s terrible point of view. Together with the viewer, he tries to find out what is happening in the world. This strategy is not only exciting, but also emotions.

Despite the suffering, darkness and human evil seen in the film, Infinity is a trench optimistic story. without sentimentality, frills or cliché that love can be a lifelong refuge b.

The general film process begins with what is barely visible and moves towards what is easy to see. In all its simplicity, this is exactly what is hidden underground.

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