Getting out of a relationship when you’ve met someone else

Getting out of a relationship when you've met someone elseBreak up when you met someone else after 5 minutes

Some people think that breaking up is easier than being alone. But this is not true. In some situations, it’s almost impossible to finish, even if you’ve met someone else. Sometimes, feelings of a bad conscience, commitment, and emotional guilt (real or imagined) can make us hesitate to end a relationship.

Thought End communicating with a partner can sometimes create a dilemma that may be difficult for you to find a solution to. Even if you know that you no longer love each other, there may be many other factors that prevent you from taking a step to the end.

There is nothing positive about this situation. If you don’t realize this in time and do not start doing something, it can lead to a huge confusion that will affect everyone involved. It also prevents you from solving problems in a healthy way.

“You must learn to leave the table when love does not last longer.

– Nina Simon-

Things that prevent you from breaking a relationship

Guilt is the main reason people find it difficult to break up with their partner, even if they have met someone else. This feeling of guilt is due to the fact that they do not want to hurt the person who has done so much in their life. They know the breakup will be painful for their partner and they don’t want to be the cause.

Sometimes you might even want a new person to solve a problem. hope that this person, with whom you already have a formal or informal romantic relationship, will pressure, insist, or “do something” to convince you to break up with your partner. responsibility for the consequences of such a decision.

The worst thing is not to make the decision to leave your partner is that it leads to very unclear and unhealthy situations. It often happens that this causes a chain reaction of unconscious actions, which usually causes much more harm to people than if they knew the truth earlier.

The main consequences of the delay in making a decision are as follows:

  • Psychological abuse. Without realizing this, you can blame your current partner for being around and preventing you from communicating with another person you are interested in. This can make you see everything your partner does or says as a problem. This forces you to criticize his behavior more and treat him like a torturer.
  • Lies and deception. Feelings of shame, indecision, and fear can also lure you into a tangled mess of lies. You are lying to your partner as well as your new flame. You do this in order not to suddenly leave your partner, and so as not to lose the other person. This is a very immature way of trying to delay the inevitable.
  • Passive-aggressive strategies. This is an ambiguous attitude, such as emotional unavailability or indirect accusations against your current partner. You act irritated, not expressing yourself openly, because you hide what the real conflict is.
  • Hints. This means that you let your partner figure out how it is going. You show signs that the other person exists and that you are interested in him, so that your partner will find him. Thus, he will be the one to finish.

Immature action effects

When you wait too long to end a relationship with a partner, it usually affects everyone involved. Your current partner will definitely feel like a breakup is inevitable. He will try to figure out what is wrong, but if you do not put the cards on the table, he will only be seized by anxiety, doubt and discomfort.

In these situations, it is difficult for your partner to understand what is going on. In addition, he does not have enough information to make any decisions. This causes a kind of suppressed pain and at the same time leads to unreasonable hopes and meaningless expectations. If you use this type of psychological play, you will do much more harm than if you are sincere.

Your new lover won’t run away either. don’t get away unscathed. He doesn’t know if he should wait until you figure out the situation, or just move on. He can also become insecure and distrustful, which is not entirely conducive to a new relationship.

Waiting too long, to end a relationship is, in fact, simply a sign of selfishness and convenience. You try to avoid discomfort for yourself, but everyone else suffers as a result. At the end of the day, you are likely to feel the effects of these ailments yourself. Fear, indecision and lack of personal commitment always come with a high price tag.

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Love is not necessarily eternal and therefore not permanent. Everything changes, and so does our emotions.

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