How to change your thoughts to change your reality

How to change your thoughts to change your realityHow to change your thoughts to change your reality 4 minutes

This is reality. outside of us, but we do not interact with it. The only reality we really live in is a simulation created by our brain. This happens through our thoughts, which can be more or less close to reality outside of us. Read on to find out how to change your thoughts and thus your reality.

In theory, the less biased your thoughts are, the closer you will be to the truth. The problem arises when you internalize generalizations, prejudices and black and white thinking that separate you from the real. Thinking is like breathing, we do it without even thinking. But don’t believe everything you think. In fact, some say that only about 20% of our thoughts become reality.

We humans think we are out of sync with the time or situation we are in. This is called irrational or distorted thoughts. These are ideas that come into your head and make it difficult to see what your reality is. They usually make you make mistakes and have a huge, direct effect on your emotions.

Rather, your interpretation of your reality than reality itself is what makes you emotionally stable – or an unstable person. What you think about yourself and your experiences is actually at the root of problems with anxiety or depression.

These conditions are extremely common in developed countries. Did you think that two people in the same situation can perceive and understand it differently? In fact, this is proof that your own thoughts are creating your reality.

If you want to change yourself, change your thoughts

Many psychological theories are based on an attempt to replace irrational thoughts with other thoughts that better correspond to real facts. When you learn to change your thoughts from irrational to rational, you will find the key. People who can change their way of thinking can better control their emotions and make better decisions.

One of the most common clinical debates is about methods of changing ill-adapted thoughts. Here’s how a psychologist can show a patient how to change their beliefs by asking them questions. It is based on rationality until the patient can come up with an alternative and more adapted way of thinking. The ultimate goal is to give the patient the opportunity to independently change or customize their thoughts.

Even under the current circumstances, it is difficult, because after losing a job or leaving, no one can improve by over-analyzing. Rather, your headroom has more to do with gaining control over your thoughts than gaining control over reality.

Phenomena do not cause emotional and behavioral problems. Rather, they are caused by beliefs that emphasize our interpretation of problems. The main way to change our thoughts is to distinguish between rational and irrational thoughts.

Thinking in a rational way means relative thinking. It means expressing yourself in terms of desires and will (I would prefer, I would like …). When someone has a healthy mindset, the negative emotions triggered by the situation won’t stop them from trying to get what they want, even if they don’t. Understand.

On the other hand, a rigid and one-sided way of thinking means you are expressing You have obligations, needs or requirements. (I must, I must …)

When this does not happen, you experience negative emotions (depression, anger, guilt, anxiety, fear) that interfere with your attempts to achieve your goals. They can also cause behavioral changes such as isolation, avoidance or escape, and drug abuse.

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