Over time, you will discover your strengths.

Over time, you will discover your strengths.After all, you will discover your strengths in 5 minutes. There comes a turning point in every person’s life when fate puts you to the test and you discover your strengths. From now on, it doesn’t matter if you encounter a headwind, because you keep on moving, even in the face of fear and hardship.

Author Dorothy Parker said that those who are bored in times of peace will be because they have not gone through difficult times. Somehow, a part of yourself only develops in difficult times. On days when life throws you off balance and puts you to the test. It is at this point in your challenging existential journey that you have the chance to unleash your strengths.

For now, you can only improvise. Now, this topic is as interesting as its proven aspects. A few years ago, the American analytical and consulting company Gallup wanted to investigate the type of forces most prevalent in the population. To do this, they developed a study that allowed people to evaluate themselves.

Later, psychologists Nick Epley and David pointed out something important to Dunning. in this thread. Most people are incompetent when it comes to self-esteem. Some exaggerate their abilities, others underestimate. The best way to find out your strengths is to look in the mirror and see what others have to say.

Another way to do this is to test yourself. Sooner or later, the moment will come when your true value and your greatest strengths will manifest.

“No matter what problems or difficulties or painful situations we experience in our life, we all have something deep within us that we can reach and find the inner strength to get through. “

– Alana Stewart-

Day when you discover your strengths, sooner or later it will come

In 2004, Martin Seligman and Chris Peterson published a book entitled Strengths and Virtues : guidance and classification “.

This work is the exact opposite of what is stated in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders. (DSM) and basically tries to highlight the talents, skills and values ​​that are in every person.

It can be seen that, in contrast to the generally accepted norm, it is due to the fact that this book has always caused some criticism from the scientific community. Kindness, generosity, and joy are qualities that for many are associated with moral virtues rather than strengths or psychological skills.

Maybe for this reason Q discussion of the strengths of the human person.

This approach seeks to find values ​​that enable people to better adapt to life changes. It is an emotional psychological fabric that communicates well-being, better decision-making, and our ability to reach our full potential.

By discovering your strengths, you can handle both good times and tough times well

There are times when unforeseen events happen: job loss, emotional breakdown, etc. These events put you to the test, paralyze and, of course, hurt you. But when you overcome them, you can unleash your strengths.

You will find strengths that you never knew existed. You will learn to manage your emotions, deal with pain, nurture hope, and feel motivated again.

All of these lessons can be found in you and give you a broader perspective. This is when you begin to better cope with yourself in both good times and difficult times. You do this because you have a clear understanding of your purpose. In other words, you know what you want and your personal compass is properly calibrated.

Everyone has strengths that can thrive

Many people spend years in their comfort zone. In such stability, when everything is under control, where everything is so predictable that you take it for granted. Then the first crack suddenly appears, and shortly thereafter, your safe environment falls apart and collapses. Thus, you will be forced to come to terms with it, react and realize that you are strong.

Discovering your strengths will make you feel more resilient than you first thought. You are also more creative, hopeful, and proactive.

But even if a situation or rule of thumb forces you to respond appropriately one day, it doesn’t mean the same thing will happen again. In other words, you may have been able to effectively fix a mistake you made at work or solve a problem in your romantic relationship today.

However, it is possible that your reaction is not the one that best suits another difficult situation. So what does this mean? This means you need to make sure your strengths continue to flourish when you finally discover them.

Because the more you use them, the more they will grow, and then you can use them in many other areas of your life. If you know how to handle incidents at work, you should use that same response ability in other scenarios in your daily life.

Three components of strengths: feel, think and act

You change your reality when you discover your strengths. However, this requires three special forces to be calibrated. In other words, there should be three exceptional processes that can guide you towards achievement; to progress to overcome your fears and cope with difficulties. It is about emotions, thoughts and actions.

Every force begins with an emotion that prompts you to overcome yourself, to cross the bridge under which fear lurks. Realizing that hope lies ahead. Strength also lies in making sure that motivation and self-confidence are fueling your thoughts. Only then can you act without fear and insecurity.

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