Research shows that people have five different appetites.

Research shows that people have five different appetites.Research Shows Humans Have Five Different Appetites 4 Minutes Researchers at the Charles Perkins Center have found that humans and animals have different appetites on different occasions.

Scientists have found that humans and some animal species have five different appetites. Appetite is actually a much more complex phenomenon than previously thought. The body is a complex machine that is always trying to balance.

First, it is important to distinguish between hunger and appetite. … The first is a strict physiological need. You feel hungry because your body requires nutrients to function properly. We can say that hunger is the need for fuel, which the body needs to work.

On the other hand, appetite is a more complicated process. First of all, it has more to do with pleasure than survival instinct. The basic needs of the body do not necessarily stimulate the appetite. There are other factors that play a role, which is why the researchers believe there are different types of appetite.

“Your diet is a bank account. Choosing good food is a good investment. “

– Bethenny Frankel-

What’s the difference?

Before talking about different appetites, we must point out that the hypothalamus regulates people’s need for food. It sends signals when it needs nutrients to compensate for its energy intake. It also tells your body when there is enough.

However, previous studies have shown that the hypothalamus does not always signal the body to stop. there is. This is especially true when eating foods that are high in fat and sugar. As a result, you may eat too many of these foods without feeling full.

Sugar and fat also stimulate the production of two neurotransmitters. : dopamine and serotonin. Both are associated with feelings of satisfaction and well-being. As you might guess, this means that these foods can be addictive. Your body reacts to them in the same way as, for example, to drugs.

Various appetites and lobsters

Now the researchers have come up with some interesting new data that adds to what we already knew. We got this new information from biologists David Raubenheimer and Stephen J. Simpson, who have been studying this subject for over 30 years. They published the results of their research in the book Eat Like Animals.

The name itself is highly suggestive and refers to what these two researchers discovered. Their main research has focused on lobsters. They provided the lobster group with a nutritious, low-carb diet. The researchers also offered them a different diet rich in carbohydrates but low in nutrients. The lobster diet was balanced. In other words, they ate the right amount of protein, no matter how many carbs they had.

To further explore these results, the researchers experimented with two by other groups of lobsters. They gave one of the groups a high-carb, low-protein diet. The other group received the opposite: a high-protein, low-carb diet. Each lobster was allowed to eat as much as it wanted.

The high protein group ate very few carbs. On the other hand, the high carbohydrate diet group ate much more to compensate for the lack of protein. Why Do these animals prefer protein? The answer is simple: protein guarantees better development and survival.

Researchers actually repeated this experiment with humans and got the same results . So he and found that we have different types of appetite.

Different appetites and weight control

Finally, the researchers concluded that there are five different appetites: corresponding proteins, carbohydrates, fats , calcium and finally the appetite for sodium (salt). In the human case, the first three are grouped under the macronutrients category. They usually don’t contain a lot of protein. Hence, if your diet consists mainly of these foods, you will need to eat more in order to reach the protein levels your body needs.

Raubenheimer and Simpson concluded that humans, like 50 different animal species, have built-in mechanisms to balance food, which they are eating. However, it only works properly when you eat food that humans have evolved with. Otherwise, the balance will be upset. So maybe we should follow their advice and start eating like animals?

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