The myth of Artemis – the goddess of the hunt

The myth of Artemis - the goddess of the huntThe myth of Artemis – the goddess of the hunt 5 minutes The myth of Artemis tells of a goddess who is very different from others. She was not interested in love affairs and did not allow either people or gods to approach her. Her life was to walk freely in the forest, surrounded only by animals.

The myth of Artemis is one of the oldest in Greece. So, we are talking here about one of the most beloved goddesses in ancient times, and about the one who represents a specific and active form of the female archetype. Therefore, it was more typical for women to celebrate the rites of this goddess. In fact, men who wanted to take part in her celebration could be punished.

In the myth of Artemis, two images of the goddess are shown. One of them is a woman who does not tolerate any contact with men and avoids their presence. The other is a hunter. She is the goddess of the hunt, moves around the field in a loose dress and is always surrounded by animals. It may seem strange to some that she is friends with animals and at the same time hunts them. But for those who have actually hunted, or who know the respect traditional hunting cultures tend to respect wild animals, this is completely natural.

There are several stories in mythology that mention this goddess, and it is almost always in them that she makes sure that her domain is respected … The only male figure with anything to do with the myth of Artemis is Orion. While some sources say she loved him, others speak of him only as a hunting companion, where they go on adventures together.

Myth about Artemis: origins

Like other characters, there are several versions of the Artemis myth. But everyone says she was the daughter of Zeus and Leto. The latter was the daughter of two titans whom Zeus took for himself. Previously, he tried to rape her sister, who turned into a sparrow, in order to escape from the deity.

Zeus’ wife Hera has discovered a novel. between her husband and Leto. She also knew that Leto was pregnant. Thus, she decided to persecute her mercilessly and make sure that no one helped her. So she managed to take her to a desert island to give birth. In addition, she forbade her daughter Eileifia, the goddess of childbirth, to attend Summer at that time.

Because of this, Leto was in severe pain, and labor was delayed by nine days. After that, the gods were moved by her suffering and allowed Artemis to be born and thus, being a newborn, helped her mother give birth to her twin brother Apollo.

Artemis wishes

The myth of Artemis says that when the goddess was only three years old, she asked her father Zeus to grant ten wishes. She asked him:

  • stay a virgin forever
  • get many names to separate her from her brother Apollo
  • get a bow from a cyclops
  • to get a candlestick role.
  • Get a knee-length tunic to use on the hunt.
  • every nine years to collect sixty “daughters of Oceanos” in her choir.
  • have twenty nymphs as girls to guard her dogs and worship her while she rests.
  • to gain power over all mountains
  • to give the opportunity to help women with contractions.

All these wishes were fulfilled, and Artemis spent his childhood learning the art of hunting and preparing to live in the forest. She became very protective of her property, and it was impossible to deal with her with those who entered her country or dared to challenge her virtues.

One of the most famous stories is about Actaion. It was a young hunter from Thebes who, by mistake, saw the goddess naked in the river while hunting. Although the nymphs rushed to shelter her, they did not succeed in time. Artemis, very angry with this invasion, turned Actaion into a deer, and when he ran away, he was torn to pieces by his own dogs, which the goddess even angered.

Goddess without love

According to legend, Orion became her hunting companion and for a long time accompanied Artemis on her forest walks. Apollo, fearing that Orion would take away his sister’s motherhood, planned a fraudulent plan to get rid of him. He told Gaia, Mother Earth, that Orion was a vain and arrogant hunter. Then she sent a scorpion to kill him.

Orion tried to get away from the scorpion and swam to the island. time, Apollo told Artemis that the man who fled from her was a stranger who was trying to rape one of her nymphs. Then he convinced her to shoot one of his arrows. She did, he hit exactly, and Orion died. When she realized that she had killed Orion, she asked her father to turn him into a constellation of stars.

Many people and gods wanted a wife for Artemis, but she did not fulfill any of these wishes. On some of them, she had to personally attack with her arrows or with the help of animals. For example, Cypretes, who wanted to rape her, turned into a woman.

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