Try the raisin exercise to help you relax

Try the raisin exercise to help you relaxTry the raisin exercise to learn how to relax for 4 minutes. The raisin exercise is especially suitable for those who want to start practicing meditation but find it too difficult. It is also a good exercise for stabilizing your mind and emotions during difficult times.

Last updated: May 20, 2020

While there is a lot of talk about the benefits of meditation these days, you might think it is too difficult or requiring you to practice it yourself. But try the raisin exercise and you will find that it is not true. In fact, meditation is a simple activity that doesn’t take long and can help you relax in just a few minutes.

Raisin Exercise is an exercise technique designed to improve concentration and attention and improve breathing. The breathing process is fundamental to all types of meditation because it controls everything else.

“When you are present, you can just let your thoughts not get entangled in them.”

– Eckhart Tolle-

We can delight you by saying that the raisin exercise is especially suitable for those who have little experience in meditation. This exercise will help you master this technique. Therefore, it is very helpful when you are feeling particularly anxious or have a difficult experience. “Class = \” jsx-3692753319 jsx-2566528898 c – main-600 mt – x-big pt – normal \ “> the importance of breathing if you want to try the raisin exercise

Breathing mastery is essential for all relaxation exercises. If you breathe correctly, you oxygenate your entire body, especially your brain. Thus, you help your body and mind to work at a slower pace.

When you are anxious, you often take short, shallow breaths. So if you can pause and start breathing deeply, your mind and emotions stabilize.

<p class = \ "jsx-1710225312 c – gray-neutral-800 \ The first thing to think about is breathing through your nose with your mouth closed. In fact, you should always breathe through your nose and not with your half-closed lips. Likewise, your belly should move in and out as you inhale deeply and exhale deeply.

Best of all, you only focus on the way you breathe. Don’t try to control or alter your breathing. Such a desire to control everything and to do everything perfectly becomes only an obstacle. If you pay attention to your natural and spontaneous breathing, you will automatically begin to breathe more slowly.

Time to try raisin exercise

The raisin exercise is actually very simple. To prepare it, you only need three raisins. You also need to find a quiet place where you can be alone and know that no one will bother you. Then just take one of the raisins and eat it as naturally as you normally would.

The second part of the exercise consists of your concentration on your breathing. Then put another raisin in your mouth. Don’t eat it mechanically this time. Instead, once you put it in your mouth, try to form an opinion on the structure and flavor of the raisins.

Take your time and chew slowly. Try to understand how it feels when the fruit touches the tongue, teeth, palate and throat. Try to trace the movement of the raisins as deeply as possible.

Finally, eat your third raisins. But before you bring it to your mouth, carefully observe it. Slowly stroke it between your fingers to feel its structure, and sniff it with your eyes closed to catch the scent. Then you can cut it in two if you like. Then you put it in your mouth without following a specific pattern. This concludes the meditation exercise!

Exercise goal

The purpose of meditation is to slow down the thoughts and feelings that arise within you. However, this is not easy to achieve, as your emotions constantly interfere with your life and affect your thoughts. Indeed, at first you will probably give up on the idea of ​​clearing your mind.

Raisin Exercise is an exercise that can help you reach your goal, step by step, of releasing ideas and emotions that have invaded your thoughts. By focusing your attention on one point and being able to ponder it in detail, you will begin to clear your mind. It gives a sense of peace and renewal.

When you feel upset or anxious, this exercise is a great way to restore peace. The smartest thing is that you can do this with any fruit. But raisins are especially suitable because they are small and have many interesting properties.

So what are you waiting for? Try the raisin exercise to see if it works for you or not!

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