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Umera Ahmed Novels List

Umera AhmedUmera Ahmed is a female Pakistani Urdu Novel Writer and Screenwriter. She is from top Pakistani Novel Writers. She loves to write Urdu Novels. She writes many Urdu Novels, and that novels become the top Most Popular read Novels in Pakistan. She has very interest in writing the Urdu Novels. We say that She loves to Write. She has received many awards. She has received the award “Top Pakistani Writer” in Luxury Style Award for her published Drama Novel named “Meri Zaat Zara-e-Benishan“, that is held in Pakistan every year.

Umera Ahmed Life:

Umera Ahmed was born on 10 December 1976 in Sialkot. She is 41 years old an old Novel writer. Se started her career in 1998 when she was 22 years old. She starts its career of writing novels by writing Serial Novels in Monthly Digests. She has written more than 14 books by writing the Serial Novels on monthly basis. She is very inspired by the life of Civil Service, So her most of the Books are related to Civil Services.

After that. She was admitted at the Army Public College, Sialkot as Lecturer of English, but She left it after few years. Because she wants to promote her profession. She wants to take full time in writing the Novels and Stories. So She gives much of his time in Writing the Urdu Novels. She was getting married to Arsam Aftab (the Captain of Pakistan) in 2014. Now She is living in Lahore with her husband at Mall Road.

Umera Ahmed Novels are the most top novels of Pakistan, because of its writing skills. She published many Novels. These novels are explained below.

Umera Ahmed Novels List :